Join Quantstamp & Tenderly at the Dappcon War Room Workshop

Test your skills in a Web3 War Room workshop amid the growing Merge chaos.

What does the winner take?

You mean, what do you get aside from this invaluable experience? Aside from the feelings of accomplishment and pride when you get to be the one waving the victory flag?

Who’ll be with you in the War Room?

Meet your fellow combatants – Quantstamp and Tenderly.

What to expect at the workshop

The War Room workshop, organized and supported by Quantstamp and Tenderly, is an interactive experience requiring attendees to participate, work together, and have fun. To be part of the War Room, you need to have prior knowledge and experience in Web3 coding.

Here’s what you need to know about the event 

You know a lot of money is at stake (not really). Your palms are sweaty as you’re impatiently waiting for a detailed exploit report. You have teammates by your side, all there with the same goal – finding the cause of the exploit and revealing contract vulnerabilities. And yes, this is all happening amid The Merge chaos, so brace yourself!

Gear up & sign up for a real-world War Room experience


The situation

The mission

It’s time you put your knowledge into action. Work with experienced Web3 veterans from Quantstamp and Tenderly to identify Smart Contract issues leaving it vulnerable to a security breach. Strategize with your team to patch the contract using advanced tools. Try to keep calm and save funds!

Date and time

September 15th,

16:00-20:00 GMT+2


Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH,

Skalitzer Straße 85/86, 10997 Berlin

Debugging Smart Contracts efficiently 

Dealing with high-pressure exploit situations

Using advanced tools to identify and solve the problem

Monitoring and securing your contracts more effectively

Oh right, the rewards:

All participants will get the Tenderly Dev plan, 3 months for free.

And the skills:

3rd prize:

500 USDC

1st prize:

3000 USDC 

2nd prize:

1500 USDC

As a leader in Web3 security, the Quantstamp devs have truly seen it all. After auditing Smart Contracts for hundreds of clients across multiple blockchains, the Quantstamp team knows how to recognize even the sneakiest exploits.

If there’s anyone who understands the pains of Web3 development, it’s the Tenderly team. Bringing serious dev tools to the table, Tenderly helps you find and fix Smart Contract vulnerabilities before time runs out. Tenderly devs truly got your back!

Show us what you got

Everyone must pass essential training before they get to fight in the field. You have to demonstrate you have the needed knowledge and coding skills when you’re down in the trenches alongside your teammates.

So, ready to take on the first enemy? Complete the task in the registration form and give us the Proof of Hackery.

Please note that not everyone gets to be one of the few behind closed War Room doors as the number of participants is limited.


The number of participants is limited, so make sure to complete the selection task in the form.